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N2025 NÜRNBERG 2025

Past Forward

A pilot project of the European Metropolitan Region of Nürnberg

gameON2025, a game development project, was a pilot project of the European Metropolitan Region of Nürnberg (EMN) as part of the Capital of Culture application. From February to October 2019, approximately 100 children, teens and young adults in the Metropolitan Region developed their own, often adventurous digital games together with the gamification and playful participation expert Christoph Deeg and with trainers specially trained for the project. Children and young people from the cities of Bamberg, Bayreuth, Erlangen, Fürth, Nürnberg, Schwabach and the district of Roth were involved. The idea and aim of the project was to playfully examine locations in their city by transforming them into a digital, location-based game. The young people not only got to know the basics of game design and development, but also dealt intensively with (cultural) places in their city and viewed them from completely different perspectives and with the eyes of game designers. The games that have already been completed can be played free of charge with a smartphone or tablet and activated GPS. To play, download the gameON2025 app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and scan the QR code of the respective game.

© Nico Degenkolb, Gudrun Lange


The partner institutions for the project were:

  • Stadt Bamberg, Offene Jugendarbeit Bamberg
  • Stadt Bayreuth, Wundersam anders e. V.
  • Stadt Erlangen, E -Werk
  • Stadt Fürth, Jugendmedienzentrum Connect
  • Landkreis Roth, Kreisjugendring Roth
  • Stadt Nürnberg, Aktivspielplatz Gostenhof, Haus des Spielens, südpunkt, Theater Mummpitz
  • Stadt Schwabach, Stadtjugendring Schwabach


The Game from Bamberg

The Game from Süd­punkt/­Nürnberg

The Game from Mummpitz/­Nürnberg

The Game from Aktiv- Spielplatz Gostenhof/­Nürnberg

The Game from Schwabach

The Game from Fürth

The Game from the region of Roth

The Game from Erlangen

The Game from Bayreuth