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Concerts, readings, plays, operas ... at present, the spread of the coronavirus has brought cultural life to a near standstill. We would like to help to ensure that the connections between people and culture don’t break off. On our YouTube channel N2025, we regularly publish cultural content based on the theme "STREAM FORWARD" and hope to thus support the art and culture scenes in these difficult times. The channel brings together different genres, institutions, groups, and artists

Here you can find our YouTube-Channel and the contributions.

What videos are we looking for?

Maybe you have a recording of your last performance, or you want to film a video yourself with a camera or your mobile phone. The videos should be as recent as possible. We look forward to seeing your ideas and creativity!

How does it work?

Simply upload your video using this link ‍https://da.nuernberg.de and send it using the form to this address: olivia.barth-jurca@stadt.nuernberg.de

Technical specifications:

Upload max. 5 GB file size as ZIP file in landscape format (16:9), file formats: MP4 or MPEG4, 3GPP, MOV, AVI, MPEGPS, WMV, FLV
Otherwise YouTube's guidelines apply.


Please send us the following:

  • Video
  • E-mail address
  • Desired video title / name of the video
  • Brief informative text about the video, the group, band, artist, etc.
  • Links to social media channels (if publication desired)
  • Link for donation (PayPal, crowdfunding or similar, if publication desired)

Financial recognition

Participants will receive financial recognition for their content. This recognition depends on the complexity of the video production or its length as well as the number of people involved. The base amount is 200.25 euros; the amount of the financial recognition will be calculated according to the following table:


€ 200.25 (base amount) × factor duration of video × factor persons involved
sum of financial recognition


factor length

up to 30 minutes = 0,5
up to 60 minutes = 1,0
from 60 minutes = 1,5

factor people

up to 4 people = 1,0
from 5 people = 1,5

Guidelines for content

Content that insults or discriminates individuals or groups of individuals will not be published. The same applies to content that insults or discriminates against people on the basis of their origin, nationality, religion, sexual identity, gender, income, physical, or mental condition. We ask that you pay attention to the following:

  • The rights of third parties must not be violated.
  • Calls for psychological and physical violence are not permitted.
  • Content that propagates hatred, racism, and other political and religious extremism is not permitted.
  • Pornographic or obscene content is not permitted.
  • Election and political party advertising is not permitted.
  • Calls for petitions and political demonstrations of any kind are not permitted.
  • Otherwise YouTube's guidelines apply.


As channel operators, we reserve the right to select the content to be published. Depending on the number of submissions, there may also be time delays. Of course all rights of use and copyrights remain with you; we only serve as a platform for publication.

We request content to which the respective artists and cultural professionals own the full rights and therefore does not violate the rights of third parties.

By sending the video material, the sender confirms that they own the sole copyright to the material. All image and name rights are released for the purpose of publication within the STREAM FORWARD project. The copyright fee will be paid via YouTube. There will be no additional remuneration of copyrights by N2025.

We explicitly note that the videos must be produced under the necessary safety regulations. We therefore ask that you refrain from gathering. Extreme caution is required for all actions within the project and health risks must be avoided. The currently valid regulations must also be observed.


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