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We have passed the first hurdle! Nürnberg is in the second round in the bid for the European Capital of Culture title. Nurnberg’s delegation has presented the application to the international panel in Berlin. On December 12, the jury has announced that our city is on the shortlist of candidate cities. Thus, Nürnberg stays in the competition.









We would like to thank everybody who was with us and supported us during the bidding process! We kindly thank all artists and creators, cultural professionals, our volunteering team, the citizen initiative #NUE2025, all employees of the city administration and all the supporters and partners! Without their ideas, projects, input, criticism and visions the bid for the title European Capital of Culture title wouldn’t have been possible.With this positive sign, we will start the next year. A year, which – with a second bid book, the panel’s visit in Nürnberg, 30 further projects and many other activities, such as the N2025 Open Call and the SONGLINES festival – will be a even more exciting one.



Network analysis of cultural operators

In collaboration with Berlin’s Netzwerk Kulturberatung, we conducted a scientific network analysis of cultural operators in the European Metropolitan Region of Nürnberg. It is the most extensive study of this type so far in German-speaking regions. The objective of the analysis was to identify existing regional and international partnership networks among cultural operators. One of its main findings is that universities and educational institutions play a crucial role as network hubs in the region’s cultural sector. The results of the study and the detailed regional network of all cultural operators can be downloaded here. The results will be incorporated in further programme planning of PAST FORWARD.


Here, you can be you. Come on in! Dive into a colourful pool of balls and talk to instead of about each other! We show up at various events and in different places in the city to create a place of transcultural and intergenerational encounters and communication.


The SONGLINES project treads the paths of songs and their stories and, together with musicians and artists from Nürnberg, the region and Europe, develops an interactive and participative cartography of the song. It begins with the SONGLINES VOL. I festival from 27 to 29 September, where the Nürnberg cultural shops open their doors as unique meeting places and offer insights into the diverse musical life of Nürnberg’s neighbourhoods. The SONGLINER singing shuttle connects the venues. More info coming soon.


“Your city. Your idea.” Under this motto, artistic, social or ecological projects were sought in the two editions of the ideas competition N2025 OPEN CALL 2018 and 2019. Winners, determined by an online vote and a jury selection, were supported with up to €5,000 to implement their ideas. opencall.n2025.de


In the regional game design project gameON2025, groups of teens and young adults design digital smartphone games under professional guidance. It involves six cities and one district of the European Metropolitan Region of Nürnberg (Bamberg, Bayreuth, Erlangen, Fürth, Nürnberg, Schwabach and the rural district of Roth). The project participants learn about the basics of game design in workshops and jointly produce a location-based game – a sort of digital scavenger hunt with riddles and tasks about different locations in their city or district. Image by Gudrun Lange

Bid Book

Nürnberg has gotten its first bid book for the title of European Capital of Culture 2025 off the ground and submitted it to the Kulturstiftung der Länder in Berlin. The creation of the bid book was an intense process involving many people’s collaboration: citizens of Nürnberg, artists from Nürnberg and the Europäische Metropolregion Nürnberg, initiatives, associations and organisations in Nürnberg and the region, experts from a wide range of topics and, not least, employees of the city administration. Using the means of art and culture, we seek answers to important questions about the future of our city and of Europe and hope to offer the people of Nürnberg and all its visitors a colourful, gripping and exciting year.

bid book (EN)bid book (DE)


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Der Claim:
Past Forward

Was ist Nürnberg? Bratwurst, Lebkuchen und Dürer? Stadt des Mittelalters, Stadt der Reichsparteitage, Zentrum des Wissens und der Forschung, Stadt der Menschenrechte? Und wie sieht Nürnberg in der Zukunft aus? Nürnberg repräsentiert wie kaum eine andere Stadt Höhen, aber auch Tiefen der europäischen Geschichte. Wie wollen wir mit diesem Erbe umgehen, wo heute fast die Hälfte aller Nürnbergerinnen und Nürnberger eine internationale Geschichte hat? Die Kulturhauptstadt Europas 2025 ist für Nürnberg die Chance, den Blick in die Zukunft zu richten und Neues zu wagen, ohne dabei die Vergangenheit zu vergessen. PAST FORWARD!


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Historical amnesia is fatal, especially in times when democratic values are becoming more brittle. Similarly, we mustn’t put the past in the museums or idealise it. Both actions obscure our view of the present and the future. We’ll embrace our historical heritage and focus on the injustices of today: Racism, discrimination, and marginalisation are part of everyday reality. Humans should be at the centre of attention: togetherness, participation, equal opportunities, human rights.

World Shaping

Behaim’s globe, Dürer’s celestial maps, the oldest art academy, Nürnberg the toy city: Working, learning, and playing shaped the city and region for centuries and they still do. We ask how we can lead meaningful, productive, and good lives in future and face technological, digital and cultural challenges. A city of visionaries, researchers, and artists should use its DNA to become a creative laboratory for work, experimentation, play, and art.


Today, Nürnberg is an ultra-diverse city with great social disparities and challenges. Fears are being exploited throughout Europe, isolationism and secessionism are on the rise – many of Europe’s edges are crumbling. Nürnberg declares togetherness its goal and asks how community can be secured and promoted fairly in the future. The focus is on social interaction, transculturalism, and sustainability. The city belongs to all of us – let’s shape it together!


In order to include critical viewpoints, important stimuli and international expertise from outside in Nürnberg’s bid for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2025, the City of Nürnberg created an advisory committee. Ten renowned experts are supporting the bid with their knowledge and experience.The advisory committee serves as a discussion forum and oversees Nürnberg’s bid process. The members act as consultants and contribute their specific expertise, in particular with regard to the pivotal artistic projects.

Holger Bergmann

Curator and managing director of the Fonds Darstellende Künste in Berlin

Thomas Böhm

Author, literary facilitator and moderator, jury member on the board of the Hauptstadtkulturfonds 2019/2020

Tunçay Kulaoğlu

Author, filmmaker, dramaturge and curator, co-founder of the film festival Türkei – Deutschland in Nürnberg

Jagoda Marinić

Writer and freelance columnist at Süddeutsche Zeitung, taz and Deutsche Welle

Christine M. Merkel

Head of the division of Culture, Communication and Memory of the World at the German Commission for UNESCO in Bonn

Samir Odeh-Tamimi

Composer for international music projects and compositions between Western European avant-garde and Arabic musical practice

Prof. Dr. Jochen Sander

Professor of art history, deputy director of the Städel Museum and holder of the Städel Cooperation Professorship for Art History at Goethe University Frankfurt

Renate Schmidt

Former Federal minister and honorary citizen of the City of Nürnberg

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Sternberg

Theologian, German scholar and art historian, president of the Central Committee of German Catholics

Dr. Oscar Schneider

Former Federal minister and honorary citizen of the city of Nürnberg


Next steps

30 September 2019
Submission of the first Bid Book
December 2019
Presentation to the jury
Summer 2020
Submission of the second Bid Book
Autumn 2020
Second presentation to the jury
End of 2020

Join us!

The N2025 volunteer team: Our dedicated team of volunteers supports us in activities related to the bid. Every month, Team 2025 meets for the regulars’ table. Would you like to get to know and support the team and the work of the Bid Office? Then join the volunteer team! Come to one of our monthly regulars’ tables. All information about Team 2025 can be found here:

volunteer team

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The Bid Office coordinates the bid process. Our job is to compile the contents of the Bid Book and to turn the bid into a joint project for the whole city and region while always taking the criteria of the EU into account. The European Capital of Culture bid is a “we project”! The Bid Office is affiliated with the cultural department of the city of Nürnberg and works closely with the mayor’s office. You will find our glass-enclosed Bid Office right in the heart of Nürnberg.


N2025 Bid Office

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European dimension, regional affairs

Tanja Ehrlein

Outreach, audience development, participation

Andreas Kist

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Maria Rink


Sandra Song

Cultural strategy, cultural shops participation formats

Hannah Straub

Project management for gameON2025

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Wagner

Director of the Bid Office


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